Mystery Photo of the Day – Illinois Terminal, 1950s

IT 285, 1950s (Author's collection)

IT 285, 1950s (Author’s collection)

Here is a vanished bit of small town Americana, trundling through Yesterday’s Main Street. This is Illinois Terminal, and we can say it’s the 1950s, looking at the autos, but WHERE was this mystery photo taken?

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-David Sadowski

PS- That round, white object at right could be a Flying Saucer… maybe the Republic serial “Flying Disc Man From Mars” was playing at the local Bijou… or it could just be one of those times when the moon is visible in the daytime, I don’t know. Draw your own conclusions.

Mystery Solved-

John Howard writes:

You probably know by now, but just in case… The mystery photo was taken in Carlinville from the corner of North West and West First North Streets – looking south. Davenport’s Cafe is south of the station. City Hall’s siren can be seen above the Cafe. The steeple at the south end of town (on South West Street) was St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. It’s now a restaurant sans steeple.


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  1. David Jobe, Sr., of Saint Ann, MO, writes via the Yahoo Chicagoland Traction group::

    “Regarding the IT photo, it’s scanned/printed backwards. And, it was taken at
    Carlinville, Illinois looking south.”

    We have corrected the scanning mistake and thank you for the information.

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