CERA News For December 2013

Chicago Streetcar Pictorial: The PCC Car Era 1936-1958

CERA is hard at work on B-146, our next publication, which will be chock-full of classic views of PCC cars in Chicago. We need your help in order to make this the definitive book about Chicago PCCs. The material we have already collected is truly amazing!

If you have pictures that deserve to be in this book, we would love to hear from you- but this is your last chance, we’ll be finished soon and it goes to press early next year. You can write to us at ceraoffice@gmail.com or via our P.O. Box, but don’t delay.

This book will appeal to a wider audience than just railfans, since it is going to be full of great views of Chicago neighborhoods, long-gone buildings and businesses, classic automobiles, etc. that also showcase the Chicago PCCs at the same time.

This book will be the membership entitlement for 2012 CERA Members. We will also publish B-147 (TBA) next year, which will be the membership entitlement for 2013 members. This will get us back on our regular production schedule.

Trolley Sparks Special #1 Is Now SOLD OUT

All copies of our special 75th Anniversary commemorative publication are gone, and therefore the book is now sold out. If you missed getting your copy of TSS1, you’ll have to try the secondary market. Like many CERA books, this one is already a collector’s item!

Consider Making a Donation to CERA

CERA is a 501(c)3 organization, meaning your donations to us may be tax-deductible. This may include the amount of your Membership in excess of $45 (the Active rate), other cash contributions, donations of used transit books, or material for our Archives (prints, negatives, slides, documents, and artifacts). With the end of the year coming up soon, it’s time to consider making a donation to CERA. Contributions are always welcome!

Your financial help makes what we do possible. If you have already made such a contribution, we thank you for your support! Otherwise, we thank you for your time and consideration.

The CERA Used Book Exchange

We are often contacted by people who are looking for out-of-print CERA bulletins. And we know that there are Members out there who have traction books they no longer want. The power of the Internet (and the CERA Members Blog) gives us a chance to get these books to the people who want them. This gave us the idea for the CERA Used Book Exchange.

If you have traction books that you no longer need, why not consider donating them to CERA? We will post a list of used books that are available on a periodic basis on the blog, under the heading of CERA Used Book Exchange. Prices will be reasonable, and will include domestic shipping via USPS Media Mail. International shipping will be extra, with rates available upon request. All proceeds will go to CERA, and will help fund our activities as a not-for-profit educational and technical association incorporated in the State of Illinois.


We watched MCERA Daniel Morris‘ Shore Shore Line movies from the late 70s/early 80s at our November meeting, and they were very well received. His DVD is available online from Green Frog Productions.

About the film, Dan adds:

I really had fun shooting it as it was a work of love. It mentions my good friends I rode with many times. The film is dedicated to my dear friend Maynard Metzger, the ticket agent shown at Hegewisch. Maynard was like a family member since I met him. He spent Thanksgivings & Christmas with us in Midlothian ay my parents house. I rode in the dead head car upon invitation by my friends. Dunkin’ Donuts and hot coffee was always offered to me. I rarely had my ticket punched & normally rode for free! This film was shot beginning when I was 26 (1975). The scene in the Federal Bldg. court room was done with the great protest from the Chessie/Dudley lawyers. I had asked the lady judge if I could film prior to their objections. She told them to sit down & be quiet since I had her permission, YES! The final scene was a pure fluke/stroke of luck. My wife was 8 months pregnant with our son & very tired. The movie light meter was in the red. She yelled “shoot the damn thing!” I did and was totally shocked with results. I have always been glad she yelled at me! Just thought it would be neat to share details behind the film.

You can watch some of Dan’s other videos here.

We also have some copies of the videos shown at our October meeting, which featured the Lehigh Valley Transit’s famed “Liberty Bell Limited.” These feature the films of the late Gerhard Salomon and were produced by the Rockhill Trolley Museum.

CERA has some of the Rockhill DVDs for sale on a consignment basis. There are three sets- A Round Trip On the Liberty Bell Limited ($20), The Easton Line 1947-1949 ($20), and The City Lines of The Lehigh Valley Transit Company – 1947-1951 ($30). Each disc is about an hour in length, and the City Lines set is two discs. All proceeds go to the Rockhill Trolley Museum.

At the October meeting, we watched all of the Liberty Bell and Easton Limited DVDs, and two chapters of the City Lines. All three sets have footage of the fabled LVT 1000-series lightweight high-speed interurbans, most of which were ex-Cincinnati & Lake Erie “Red Devils.” The lone exception was car 1030, which had been car 55 on the Indiana Railroad.

The City Lines had a very eclectic mixture of equipment, mostly Brills as you might expect for a Pennsylvania property; there is quite a variety of footage showing work equipment, trolley freight, snow plows, and the like; and the Easton Limited ran four modernized Cincinnati Curved-Side cars, one of which later ran briefly on Speedrail.

If anyone is interested in purchasing some of the DVDs, drop us a line at: cerablog1@gmail.com

Ramon Lascorz Carbo writes:

Dear Sirs,

My name is Ramon LASCORZ CARBO, and I am fan of railways, more specifically, suburban and interurban systems, especially the American ones.

I follow your website regularly and I read and bought books published by CERA

Recently, I published with Jaume FERNANDEZ, a book about the only line of American interurbans in Europe, Ferrocarriles de Cataluña, founded in 1914 by his compatriot Frank S. Pearson, through Barcelona Traction, Light & Power, Co.

J.G. Brilll was supplied trains for this railroad, where it circulates until 1973. (This book is written in Spanish).



I dared to send you by mail a item of this book with the hope that is part of your bibliographic collection.

I also appreciate that making publicize among your partners.

I appreciate your attention and rest at your disposal.


Ramon Lascorz.


Adds any pictures of many of this book, and I pray apologize for my English “Google Translate”s style.

(We have forwarded this interesting book to longtime CERA Member (and world traveler) Ray DeGroote, who is fluent in Spanish. We hope we can persuade him to write a review for the blog, possibly in both Spanish and English. Ray rode these lines back in the day, which should give him a unique perspective.)


File0745  (1)

FCC -16-54-18-Les Planes -3-1970- (105) R

F.C. Sarria a Barcelona serie 300%2C Sarria

-Your CERA Directors

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