John Marton 1941-2014

John Marton with one of his beloved grandchildren, in a picture he chose to include in last year's CERA publication Trolley Sparks Special #1.

John Marton with one of his beloved grandchildren, in a picture he chose to include in last year’s CERA publication Trolley Sparks Special #1.

We are very sorry to report the passing of longtime CERA Member and Director John Marton on February 22nd. John was a member of CERA for 59 years, and had served the last five years as a Director. At last Wednesday’s organizational meeting of the 2014 Board, he was elected a Vice President of CERA.

During most of his time on the Board, John served as CERA’s Publications Director, and was responsible for The Lake Line (B-144), Transit in the Triangle v1 (B-145), and Trolley Sparks Special #1. All the publications John was involved with were very successful and well received. You can read more about these publications on the CERA web site.

John had been hospitalized for three months last year, starting in May, and had been gradually recovering and gaining more strength after undergoing several operations. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend our 75th Anniversary events in September, which he had been involved in planning for some time. We dedicated the Banquet to both John and his wife Judy.

John’s illness last year caused a delay in the completion of The Illini Trail, our upcoming book about the Chicago, Ottawa & Peoria. At the time of his death, he was set to resume work on finishing it. CERA will complete the book as John wanted it done, and dedicate it to his memory.

We were very gratified that John was able to attend our monthly Board meeting in person last Wednesday, for the first time in several months. He was fully engaged in our discussions, and we are thankful for this one last chance to spend time with him, listen to his stories, and to benefit from his wisdom.

In life, John Marton worked as both an educator and a transit consultant. He served his country honorably in the Air Force and was a Freemason. But above all, he was a devoted family man who loved his wife, his children, and his grandchildren.

If you would like to pay your respects to John Marton, and learn about the visitation and funeral arrangements, click here.

We will all miss him very much.

-Your CERA Directors

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