Month: April 2014

CTA Celebrates the Skokie Swift

On Saturday, April 26th, the Chicago Transit Authority commemorated a half-century of service on the Skokie Swift, aka the Yellow Line. CTA’s 1920s-era historical cars 4271-4272 made four revenue trips between Dempster and Howard, running from about 11 am to… Read More ›

CTA To Run Historic Cars

This just in: CTA will commemorate 50 years of Yellow Line (Skokie Swift) service by running the two 1920s-era historic cars on the line this Saturday, April 26th. It will be held at the Skokie-Dempster station starting at around 11:00… Read More ›

The Complete ERHS Collection

Early CERA bulletins were generally very short in length, some just a single sheet of paper, but gradually grew longer over the years. Late in World War II, the Trolley Sparks periodical, started in 1944 by Barney Neuberger, was brought… Read More ›

IRM To Restore the Electroliner

Today, we have a “guest” article by CERA Member Tom Sharratt, who is an active volunteer at the Illinois Railway Museum: IRM TO RESTORE ELECTROLINER IN TIME FOR ITS 75TH ANNIVERSARY The story of the North Shore Line’s Electroliners is well… Read More ›