CERA Mailbag for August 3, 2014

Chicago CSL 143 Madison Av circa 1910

John F. Bromley writes:

You may be interested in this view I picked off the internet. ID’d as Madison Street circa 1910 but no cross-street given, but it’s by Hotel Brevoort so should be easy to determine, and of course the Loop is in the background.

Thanks… I am sure our eagle-eyed readers will come up with the right answer in short order. -Ed.


Nathan Wells writes:

I was hoping you all could help me get the word out to support a campaign I am working on with some members of Charlotte Trolley to save a historic Dallas “Turtleback” streetcar.  McKinney Avenue Transit Authority no longer requires the car and must find a home for it before they clear a lot on which the car is stored.  The lot has been sold to a third party and everything must be cleaned by early September.

The “Turtleback” car we are trying to save is the only known example of a “stretched-Turtleback”  left in the world.  Would you share the following campaign link to your followers in case any would like to support our efforts to have the car moved to Charlotte, NC where we will preserve and restore it:


Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

You’re very welcome. I encourage our readers to check out the link and contribute to this worthy cause. -Ed.

Other CERA News

Chicago Streetcar Pictorial Round Table

Tickets are still available for our upcoming Chicago PCC Weekend events this September 26-28. Things get off to a great start on Friday evening, September 26th, with the Chicago Streetcar Pictorial Round Table. Nearly half the tickets for that event, which is free for current CERA Members, have already been distributed.

Then, on Saturday, September 27th, CERA will make a trek to Kenosha, Wisconsin to ride the Chicago Tribute PCC and have a Shops tour. The Kenosha streetcar loop is directly accessible by public transportation from Downtown Chicago, via Metra’s UP North Line trains.

Finally, on Sunday, September 28th, we have a fantrip at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union. CERA is chartering CTA “Green Hornet” PCC streetcar 4391, newly restored Chicago & West Towns car 141, and the Chicago, Aurora & Elgin wood car 36. Metra’s UP Northwest Line will take you to Crystal Lake, where you can make connections with CERA’s chartered bus for the remaining 13 miles to IRM.

You can read more about these events here.

More “Before and After”



This 60-year-old slide shows a tremendous number of scratches in the “Before” image, probably damage caused by slide projectors over the years. The “After” image, the result of many hours’ work in Photoshop, has these defects corrected and shows how the image will appear in our upcoming book Chicago Streetcar Pictorial: the PCC Car Era 1936-1958.

It’s another example of the hard work and dedication we are putting in to make this the most important book about Chicago streetcars to appear in the last 40 years. We will continue to update you with more information as it becomes available.

Summer Vacation

Everyone deserves a break now and then, even the hard-working volunteers at CERA. Therefore, our office will be closed from Tuesday, August 12th through Tuesday, the 19th. All current orders on hand will be filled by the 11th.

-Your CERA Directors

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8 replies

  1. The Brevoort was at 120 W. Madison, the cross street is Clark.

  2. Interesting to note the use of girder-rail in the 1910s.

  3. Speaking of girder-rail, the use of girder-rail was very uncommon over virtually all of the system except at crossings and for cast specialwork.
    I regard girder-rail as the “professional engineering standard” for street railway trackage as it provides a protective flangeway, it is easier for tired vehicles to drive over and aesthetically, it looks better.

  4. the photo shop work is great

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