How Laurel and Hardy Filmed Another Fine Mess

FYI, John Bengtson’s blog should be of particular interest to fans of Pacific Electric and LA Railways, since he goes to great lengths to seek out the original filming locations for classic silent comedies. This post in particular mentions a PE tunnel under Fort Moore Hill, and the Mt. Lowe operation. There is also a link to the Palmer Conner Collection of Color Slides of Los Angeles, which includes many interesting views from 1950-70 including Angel’s Flight.

Chaplin-Keaton-Lloyd film locations (and more)

Stan and Ollie ride south down Sunset Blvd. from Grand Click to enlarge each image.  1930 vs. 1958. Stan and Ollie (well, their stunt doubles) ride south down Sunset Blvd. from Grand at the conclusion of Another Fine Mess. Palmer Conner Collection.

In 2001 Piet Schreuders wrote to me from his home in Amsterdam postulating (correctly) about the tunnel appearing at the conclusion of Laurel and Hardy’s 1930 comedy short Another Fine Mess. Apart from being an internationally acclaimed graphic designer, and creator of Furore Magazine, Piet’s amazing list of accomplishments include writing The Beatles’ London, a guide to The Beatles’ shooting and filming locations; co-founding The Beau Hunks music ensemble, which recreates the LeRoy Shield musical scores played during the Hal Roach Studio comedies; and creating a virtual reality computer model of downtown Culver City as it appeared when Laurel and Hardy filmed there so frequently in the 1930s. Piet has also…

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