Trolley Ridin’ In Kenosha

05 Kenosha Trolley

Eric Bronsky shared these photos taken at 56th Street and 1st Avenue in Kenosha during a Skokie Park District Seniors outing on March 11. Having helped to plan the trip to the Kenosha Public Museum and the nearby Jelly Belly warehouse, Eric ensured that a streetcar ride would be one of the day’s highlights.

The “Pittsburgh” PCC car (ex-TTC 4609, built by Canada Car & Foundry in 1951) was operating that day. The ride definitely scored points with the group. For some, this was perhaps their first streetcar ride in decades. Overheard: “I remember riding this streetcar in Chicago!”

Coincidentally, only the day before, Jelly Belly publicly announced plans to close their Wisconsin facility and relocate to Tennessee.

PS- CERA is a strong supporter of the Kenosha streetcar and we have featured it in several previous posts. You can find these here.

04 Kenosha Trolley

02 Kenosha Trolley

08b Kenosha Trolley

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