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CERA Used Book Exchange – List #4

This month, our used book list is entirely made up of original Electric Railway Historical Society publications, printed between 1952 and 1967. We are selling the extra copies we accumulated while working on the Complete ERHS Collection DVD project. These… Read More ›

The Complete ERHS Collection

Early CERA bulletins were generally very short in length, some just a single sheet of paper, but gradually grew longer over the years. Late in World War II, the Trolley Sparks periodical, started in 1944 by Barney Neuberger, was brought… Read More ›

CERA News for 1-27-2014

Reader Mailbag Leigh Morris writes: Wikipedia is not always a reliable source of information, as the January meeting notice affirms. Quoting Wikipedia, the notice advises the IT was “known as the Illinois Traction System until 1937…” Actually, the Illinois Traction… Read More ›

Present At the Creation

If you’ve ever wondered what some of the first Chicago railfans were like, look no farther than the November 1938 issue of Surface Service magazine, “a monthly publication by and for Chicago Surface Lines employees.” A feature article describes what… Read More ›

CERA News For June

May’s CERA program by Greg Borzo on the Chicago cable car system was well received. Mr. Borzo, author of a number of historical books, feels that our city’s cable cars were an important building block in transit past, but have… Read More ›

News In Brief

CTA Seating Survey CTA riders have a rare opportunity to express their opinions about the new “bowling alley” seating on the 5000-series “L” cars via a new survey. These cars have New York-style seats that mainly face sideways, instead of… Read More ›