Red Pullmans

CERA News For June

May’s CERA program by Greg Borzo on the Chicago cable car system was well received. Mr. Borzo, author of a number of historical books, feels that our city’s cable cars were an important building block in transit past, but have… Read More ›

Mystery Filmstrip Contest Results

Thanks to everyone who sent in submissions to our Mystery Filmstrip Contest. We have selected George Foelschow as the winner, based on his answers as a whole. Honorable mention must go to Andre Kristopons, Dennis McClendon, and Jeff Wien, who… Read More ›

From the CERA Mailbag

Letters, questions, comments, odds and ends and other news from the CERA home front: Jerry Hund writes: I have really enjoyed reading your blogs related to the CERA. Keep up the great work. Next, I remember reading an article several… Read More ›

Red Rocket Redux

Our March 13 feature The Old Math (144 = 225) helped prompt this sequel, where we present more Chicago streetcar fantrip photos circa 1954-58. Except for one, these pictures are from the CTA Historical Photo Collection. Even a partial list… Read More ›